# Introduction

With this plugin it is possible to make the feed of an Instagram account or a hashtag available within Craft.

# Background

If you want to add your (or someone else's) Instagram feed on your site, you can use this plugin to fetch and cache the feed. It returns a list of the images including their source, the number of likes/comments and the shortcode of the posts.

# Features

  • Fetch the latest 12 posts from any Instagram account or hashtag.
  • Easily switch between feeds on every call in the template.
  • Caches the data and images for a faster response.
  • No Facebook Business an Insight API access key needed.

# Limitations

  • The plugin crawls the public Instagram account or hashtag page for the information. At every time, Instagram can change their struture and we have to update the plugin to come back.
  • The plugin can only work with public accessible Instagram accounts.
  • Only 12 posts can be fetched, because more are not available in the first load of the source pages.